Accountability & Sustainability

Kangamiut Seafood’s strategy is based on stable long term supplies of fish and seafood.

Therefore, we continually focus on sustainability and professional business ethics. The company advocates sustainable fishing practices and carefully monitors and maintains legality and full tracability for all our products – from producer to customer.
In accordance with the company code of conduct, we observe all current international quota requirements as well as all relevant legislation. Profit with consideration is our philosophy for long-term profitable business with all our suppliers, customers and business partners.

Kangamiut Seafood A/S is MSC certified as Chain of Custody supplier. Kangamiut Seafood A/S is therefore able to supply our customers with MSC certified products. Please contact our sales personnel for information about specific MSC products available.
Kangamiut Seafood’s strategy is based on long term supplies of wild caught fish and seafood.